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Our Creed

WE BELIEVE hand crafted objects bring joy to the crafter and the beholder.

WE BELIEVE in sustainable production.

WE BELIEVE candles are the earrings of the home.

WE BELIEVE in the awesome power of the little honey bee.

WE BELIEVE our candles will make you look younger.

WE BELIEVE every home should have a signature fragrance.

WE BELIEVE candles bring out your naughty and your nice.

WE BELIEVE in blowing your shoe money on our candles.

WE BELIEVE candles are the perfect gift and last longer than a bottle of wine.

WE BELIEVE any home can look luxurious bathed in candle light.

WE BELIEVE those little plastic battery powered candles are pure evil.

WE BELIEVE men love candles too.

WE BELIEVE Tina Turner may have a stash of our candles in her home..

WE BELIEVE that dining by candlelight makes food taste better.

WE BELIEVE in making lists.

WE BELIEVE in buying fresh flowers.

WE BELIEVE watching a flickering candle flame is better than watching TV.

WE BELIEVE candles are an affordable personal luxury and essential lifestyle product.